Good as Gold

We think it’s important that our products are responsible and we want to ensure we integrate ethical standards into every garment we produce. When you buy a t-shirt from us you know that it has been made according to our standards:

  • Garment choice

    We use Stanley Stella t-shirts renowned for premium quality garments. They are also one of the world’s top organic cotton suppliers, certified to the highest levels and ethical in their sourcing and production. Stanley Stella aim to initiate change in the textile industry, so all our tshirts have been made in a humane, ethical and ecological way. Find out more about Stanley Stella here.

  • Waterbased inks

    We print with water based inks which are friendly to the planet as they don’t contain any PVC or phthalates or any other toxic chemicals. This also ensures a soft feel to the print as the ink is absorbed into the fabric so the printed design feels just like the rest of the t-shirt fabric.

  • 100% organic cotton

    Organic cotton is a natural, GMO-free fibre that uses less water than standard cotton. In addition, its production does not involve the use of chemicals (no fertilisers or pesticides) and encourages rotation of crops to keep soil healthier, more fertile and maintain humidity. Waste from the cotton ginning process is also recycled for the animal feed industry.

  • Fair Wear

    The t-shirts we use are Fair Wear. The Fair Wear Foundation works to create a garment industry that is fair for everyone, supporting workers in realising their rights to safe, dignified, properly paid employment. Read more about the Fair Wear Foundation here.

  • Carbon Footprint

    We design and screenprint our t-shirts in our garden studio in Wolverhampton. When it comes to our prints, badges and stickers, we are passionate about supporting local suppliers whereever possible and this ensures we keep our carbon footprint as low as possible.

  • Packaging

    Wherever possible we aim to use recyclable paper packaging rather than single use plastic and our promotional material is printed on recycled board.