True Seven is our interview feature that provides a platform for you to tell us your music stories and become a vital part of the narrative of our new Midlands Musique range of t-shirts and art.

We will be interviewing a wide cross section of True Reverie customers who inspire us, from musicians to promoters, record shop owners, gig goers and everything in between. Together we will shine a light on what makes music culture in the Midlands so great!

In this instalment we caught up with Wolverhampton-based musician Jack Fletcher, frontman of hotly tipped local indie group The Jack Fletcher Band.

1. What’s the best thing about being from the Midlands?

Gotta be supporting the mighty Wolves I reckon!

2. What is your earliest music related memory?

Dancing around the living room in 1997 to two videos, “Bittersweet Symphony” and “Lucky Man”. Still got that obsession with Ashcroft.

3. What do you enjoy most about being a musician?

Being able to create something that’s totally your own. Writing songs for me is personal, creating something from nothing is always exciting.

4. What is your favourite Midlands venue to perform at and why?

I would say The Newhampton Arts Centre. The sound, the stage and the size of venue is just mint. 

5. What artists from the Midlands, past or present, should we be checking out?

Obviously Alex Ohm – I first heard him around 10 years ago he’s the chief. Other bands / artists we know are Crest Glider, Smokin Eskimo, Ryan Evans only to name a few. They are all hard working musicians playing original music.

6. Music and fashion are almost inseparable, what would you wear if you headlined Glastonbury?

The loudest most expensive coat I could find. Jeans and footwear would all depend on the coat.

7. What is coming up next for you and the band?

Plenty of gigs. We’ve got a headline show at the Sunflower Lounge on 7th December where we will be promoting and releasing our new single. Followed by a new EP early next year followed with a tour. So busy busy busy!!

You can find out more about The Jack Fletcher Band here

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Jack Fletcher Photo credit: Brodie Weatherill 

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