Laura Wallace
Laura with her dad wearing Good as Gold

True Seven is our interview feature that provides a platform for you to tell us your music stories and become a vital part of the narrative of our new Midlands Musique range of t-shirts and art.

We will be interviewing a wide cross section of True Reverie customers who inspire us, from musicians to promoters, record shop owners, gig goers and everything in between. Together we will shine a light on what makes music culture in the Midlands so great!

In this instalment we speak to Laura Wallace from Wolverhampton who runs Delilah Darling creating bespoke hand-made and knitted clothing for babies and children.

1. What’s the best thing about being from the Midlands?

I love where we live, now I’ve got kids there’s so much on offer here, from great art galleries to amazing green spaces. But the best thing really is being close to my family, born and bred midlanders!

2. What is your earliest music related memory?

I’ve got lots of early music memories but the ones that stand out are organising my dads vinyl for him on a Saturday afternoon and listening to The Doors in the car when we arrived in California when I was 6 (we lived there for a year), we flew out in December and I couldn’t get my head around how warm it was.

3. What was the first piece of music you bought and where from?

I know the first record I was bought was Do They Know It’s Christmas? I can remember my Dad coming home with it for me. But the first music I chose was Madonna, Like a Virgin, I got a red ghetto blaster and blue jump suit with it for my 7th birthday and I can remember walking to the shops with the ghetto blaster on my shoulder thinking I was so cool.

4. What was the first gig you went to and where was it?

My Dad used to take us to Glastonbury and when I was about 13 I’d just got into the Lemonheads and was really excited about seeing them. Then we stumbled upon Evan Dando sitting on top of the porta loos with his guitar playing to a group of about 20 people! So not really a gig, but my first live music!

5. What is your favourite Midlands venue and why?

The Civic. Always. I know friends in the music industry say the acoustics are great in there, and a lot of musicians say it’s their favourite venue, but I have been to so many amazing gigs there, I can’t wait for it to open again. I worked there as a runner when I was at uni, it was so much fun!

6. Music and fashion are almost inseparable, what would you wear if you headlined Glastonbury?

I’ve been side of stage for the headline act at Glastonbury, it was an amazing experience!. If I was on stage, I’d wear trainers, denim hot pants and a sequinned jacket and alllll the glitter!

7. What’s the best thing about running your own independent fashion brand Delilah Darling?

The best thing for me is fitting it around my kids! I can still do the school runs, sports days etc… and work! I still teach a couple of days a week. Most of my sales come through Instagram and I love how creative it allows me to be. I also love that I get to find out about cool new local brands like you guys!

You can find out more about Delilah Darling here

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