True Seven is a new interview based feature that will provide a platform for you to tell us your music stories and become a vital part of the narrative of our new Midlands Musique range of t-shirts and art.

Over the coming months we will be interviewing a wide cross section of True Reverie customers who inspire us, from musicians to promoters, record shop owners, gig goers and everything in between. Together we will shine a light on what makes music culture in the Midlands so great!

In this edition of True Seven we caught up with Ian Davies, accomplished local DJ, promoter and owner of Stay Loose Records in Wolverhampton.

Good as Gold

1. What’s the best thing about being from the West Midlands?

It’s home man. Embrace where you come from.

2. What is your earliest music related memory?

Earliest memory, as for most people, comes from my folks. Soul music, Legend – Bob Marley played over and over and over again. Oh and The Human League.

3. What was the first piece of music you bought?

Kim Wilde on cassette. I might of accidentally bought Ice Ice Baby on 12’’ too!

4. Who is your musical hero and why?

Impossible question! It changes like the wind. Look at the Stay Loose Records Instagram for my current top 10.

5. What are your favourite songs to play in a DJ set?

I’ll never get away from playing Curtis Mayfield – Move On Up & Stevie Wonder – Superstition. But I got plenty more in my armoury!

6. Music and fashion are almost inseparable, what would you wear if you headlined Glastonbury?

I would wear something inappropriate . Fashion is all about being individual. As is Music. No way I’m gonna wear a Wellington Boot!

7. What is coming up next for you and Stay Loose Records?

Stay Loose Records have lots of ideas, some might be a bit crazy. We do things differently. We are only young, just over a year of trading. I defo want to do more in-stores, showcasing local musical talent. Get in touch if you wanna get involved!

You can find out more about Stay Loose Records here.

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