I’m now 65 and lived in Wolverhampton until my husband’s job led us away after 50 years there. I have some superb memories of my teenage years spent at The Civic Hall in W-ton.

Every Monday we would dash straight from school, up town on the bus to the ticket office. It would be rammed with eager girls and guys buying tickets for the Monday night gigs. We’d rush home, have our tea, get washed and changed and back out again all dolled up in the latest fashions and descend on the Civic.

There were some tremendous live bands on, including The Four Tops, The Temptations to name just a couple. We would dance the night away and sing at the top of our voices then dash to Queen Street to catch the last bus home. Next morning at school we would all be buzzing from the previous nights events, superb!!

I also remember seeing Slade in their very early days too, don’t even think they were called Slade then? Maybe Inbetweeners? At a youth club down Lea Road, Penn. Saw another band there too who did this really scary thing where the singer came out of a coffin and ran around the crowd chasing the girls. When he caught one he would pretend to bite her neck and pop a blood capsule in his mouth. Brilliant stuff.

Many years later I worked in Beatties record dept and Dave Hill used to come in regularly to buy his records. I always tried not to get ‘ star struck ‘ but I always got tongue tied!!! He always wore large hats and huge heeled boots, he was very small!!!

Wonderful fond memories from my dear home town.

Jackie Martin